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Kitchen Remodeling Ann Arbor, MI

kitchen with built in stove and oven

Welcome to Ann Arbor Custom Kitchens! If you are on the hunt for not just kitchen remodeling services, but custom kitchen remodeling services that cater to your unique style, look no further! We would love to make your kitchen dreams come true, so take a look around, find out more about us, and let us know if we can provide you with any services that turn your kitchen into something magical!

About Us

The kitchen is one of the most used areas in the home, so it makes sense that it is often the room given the most attention in terms of its aesthetic. It is proven that a beautiful environment lifts the spirits and improves the quality of life. It is for this reason that we so fervently provide the best quality kitchen remodeling services – we help to improve the quality of life of the clients that we work with.

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    Our Services

    While most remodeling contractors simply offer to remodel, we offer something different - it is in our name. We offer custom remodeling. We make our services all about you and every detail of the concepts that you have in mind for your kitchen. To achieve this, we have structured our services to ensure that we cater to everything you could possibly need. Have a look at what we offer below and gain some insight into how we deliver excellence to every person that we work with!

    brown wooden kitchen interior with black built-in appliances kitchen island with little bonsai tree in a pot. also white ceiling and skylight.
    kitchen with built in wood cabinets
    kitchen with built in cabinets

    Kitchen Design

    Before you invest in your kitchen remodel, the best way to ensure that you will receive exactly what you are looking for is to allow our expert designers to create a rendering of the intended final look. Our professional designers are experts in creating 3D renders of your planned kitchen remodeling ideas so that you are sure of every detail before committing to any final decisions.

    Kitchen Cabinets

    Your kitchen cabinets serve an important function. They should be selected based on your exact requirements. With the guidance of an expert kitchen remodeling contractor, you will receive cabinets that serve the exact purpose you need, while also having the aesthetic look you desire accounted for. There are a ton of options available, which can make the decision difficult, but with sound advice, like the advice that we offer, your choice will be a lot easier and meet every need you have.

    kitchen with black tiled countertop
    white tiled kitchen countertops
    kitchen with long white counter table

    Kitchen Countertops

    Your countertops play a significant role in the way that you enjoy your kitchen, by serving both practical functions and aesthetic functions. Your countertops are generally one of the largest surfaces in your home and the color and texture that they boast sets a very particular tone for the rest of the space. Clean white marble can add a touch of elegance and ring light to a room, while wood provides a more rustic, homely feel. No setting is too far fetched for us and the broad range of materials available makes it possible to receive just what you are looking for. 

    Kitchen Flooring

    Your kitchen floor ties into the layout and helps direct the flow of the room. It also endures the largest volume of foot traffic and so, serves a dual purpose. It has to effortlessly carry you through the room, but also be durable enough to withstand the pressures of constant use. A professional remodeling contractor knows how to perfectly provide both of these purposes. 

    stainless steel kitchen sink
    kitchen with marbled countertops
    small yet clean kitchen room

    Kitchen Appliances

    No matter how well we design your kitchen, the appliances that we install will ultimately determine how much value you derive from your kitchen. While all of the other elements serve definite functions, without an oven or refrigerator, there is no function to serve. Your appliances must be carefully selected and installed to ensure that they fit your needs best, which is why it is advised to make use of a professional kitchen remodeling contractor, as our expertise assist you in getting the most value for your money.

    Kitchen Sinks and Faucets

    From environmentally friendly faucets to farm style sinks, no fine detail of your kitchen goes unmissed when you hire Ann Arbor Custom Kitchens. We are experts in assisting you to get the exact look you want, including the final touches. Your faucets, sink, and small finishes such as handles all help your finished look become something special, which is why we place special focus on these items and ensure that you are ecstatic with the products before we begin the installation.

    “My husband paid for our kitchen remodeled for my 50th birthday. I employed Ann Arbor Custom Kitchens to do the work and help me with the design (I’m clueless about those kinds of things). They delivered beyond my expectations and gave me a kitchen that I absolutely love. If you are looking for a great remodeling service, I’d recommend them!” – Gaylyn C

    “I didn’t have my whole kitchen remodeled by Ann Arbor Custom Kitchens, only my backsplash. I wanted to have a mosaic style landscape scene done and that is exactly what they delivered. I was gob smacked by how well nicely they did the work. 10/10! Would highly recommend them to anyone who is looking for attention to detail!” – Kerry M

    “We built our restaurant from scratch and used Ann Arbor Custom Kitchens to design and install our kitchen. They did an outstanding job and worked with us hand in hand. I especially appreciate how well they stuck to the budget that we set. Starting a new business is tough financially, so they definitely did their part to help!” – Gary N

    Contact Us Today

    There is quite a unique bond between a custom kitchen remodel contractor and our clients. We must work closely with you to ensure that we truly understand what you need and how to achieve it. For this reason, we would love to hear from you and find out more about you and the project that you would like to hire us for. If you are looking for someone to capture the same picture you have in your mind by working with you hand in hand and preserving your style in your kitchen, then give us a call.