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Kitchen Appliances

kitchen with built in appliances

Once you have chosen the perfect countertops, your kitchen island ideas have been realized, and the kitchen sinks and faucets are just as you have always dreamed, you will need to compliment it all with top of the line appliances that serve every function you could ever think of, while they also compliment the finished look of your newly remodeled kitchen. Our team is the best at helping our clients select, source, and install any appliance from almost any brand you could imagine.


The most cost-effective appliances

We have spent years nurturing the smartest supplier relationships possible so that our clients can benefit from some of the most competitive prices on the market. Our suppliers offer us pricing that cannot be found anywhere and trust us to represent their brands fairly and at a price they are proud of. Our perfect installation of their products is yet another reason that we boast such good relationships with them. Both our seamless installations and pricing will benefit you when you employ the services of Ann Arbor Custom Kitchens! To get a quote on the appliance or appliances that you have been eyeing out, give us a call.


Choosing the right appliances for your kitchen

Before you invest in your new appliances, it is advisable to carefully plan for the kind of appliances you would like and the practical applications you will use them for. First, we recommend that you look at which brands you would like to have installed. Next, check the features that you would make the most use of. No two appliances offer you the same solution, so this is an important aspect to consider. You should also consider your budget before you begin looking at any appliances. It can be easy to get lost in the broad range of options available but keeping your budget in mind will avoid disappointment in the future. Of course, we can assist with all of this and more!


The safest option

Installing your appliances, yourself, or employing a “cheap” installation company can have dire consequences. Fires, flooding, gas leaks, and electrical shock are all risks that should be avoided at all costs, as they could not only cost you a lot of cash but potentially your life too. Our technicians work within the strictest safety guidelines to ensure that we do not endanger our clientele as a result of poor installation. When you contact us for more information about our appliances and installation, ask our team to provide you with an outline of our safety guidelines, if this is something that you deem important.


Why use a pro? 

Your kitchen remodeling project, as well as the appliances you have installed, are by no means cheap. For this reason, you should ensure that you get the most from the appliances that you purchase. Using a professional installation service ensures that you receive the best value from your investment and that your appliances will work at their best for their entire lifespan. Using a sub-par installer can lead to damage to your appliances and hurt your pocket in the long run. For more information about how we perfectly install your new appliances, call us on the number at the top of this page!

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