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Kitchen Cabinets

kitchen with marbled countertops

Thermofoil, beadboard, shaker, louvered, flat panel, slab, and inset. These are just a few of the kinds of cabinet styles that you can choose from when installing new cabinets. The sheer volume of styles, let alone color and finish, can make choosing the right cabinet a daunting task. By employing Ann Arbor Custom Kitchens, not only do you have your decision making made easier, but you also benefit from the experience and knowledge about all things “cabinet” that we have at our disposal. Your decision goes from being a difficult one to simple, effective, and one that you will love for years to come!


Choosing the right cabinet for your needs

Cabinets play an integral role in your kitchen. When choosing the perfect cabinets, you must consider the storage applications, as well as the aesthetic quality you would like to achieve. Though both are important, the space that you require for storage will be the most important factor in your choice of cabinets. Once you know how much storage you will require, you can begin to determine the look you want to opt for.


Custom kitchen cabinets

Some ideas are too beautiful to be found on a shelf in a showroom. In cases like these, you need a professional kitchen designer to have your concepts created. Our designers work hand in hand with you to ensure that even the quirkiest of themes are brought to life. Your ideas are important, as the look of your kitchen is reflective of you and your style. For this reason, when you want custom kitchen cabinets built, we not only deliver your desired look and feel but also exceed your expectations! Do not let your concept be squashed by a scarcity of the look that you want – have it built from scratch by a kitchen remodel expert that keeps your wishes at the forefront of our minds when we work with you.


Quality suppliers for maximized longevity 

Two cabinets may appear the same, but the quality of the materials used to develop them may differ entirely. Keep in mind that the frequency with which you make use of your kitchen will cause significant wear and tear. As a result, only the best materials should be used to build your cabinets. Anything short of sublime will see you replacing your cabinets in no time. We can advise you on the best means to ensure durability.


Why Ann Arbor Custom Kitchens?

Our professional kitchen designers assist our clients in choosing the best cabinets for the space available in their kitchen, while simultaneously considering the look that you want to achieve. When you work with a professional kitchen remodel contractor, everything from a modern kitchen design to your rustic kitchen ideas is brought to full fruition. No kitchen layout ideas are too far fetched for us to work with. We revel in the opportunity to bring your concepts to life and will deliver nothing short of excellence! Give us a call to find out more about how we deliver your dream kitchen to you.

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