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Kitchen Design

kitchen with marbled tile tops and a glass table

Your kitchen is one of the most important rooms in your home. In fact, the majority of time spent awake in the average American home is spent in the kitchen and living room. It is for this reason that you must enjoy the room you spend a large portion of your day in. Dr. Toby Israel, who wrote “Some Place Like Home: Using Design Psychology to Create Ideal Places,” says that our mental health is heavily impacted by the visual appeal of the space we inhabit. So, a beautiful kitchen is far from being an added value to our home’s resale – it affects the way your brain functions and your emotional wellbeing.


Turning your kitchen into a focal point

When you have guests over, one of the key areas that catch the eye is your kitchen. A beautiful kitchen can transform even the blandest of homes into a contemporary space that has you and visitors both awestruck by its beauty. For more information about how we turn your kitchen into the focal point of your home, give us a call on the number above.


The benefit of using a professional kitchen designer

Hiring a kitchen designer can feel as though you are letting someone else dictate the look and feel of your dream kitchen. When you work with a kitchen remodel contractor who designs the space professionally, you gain the benefit of having your kitchen dreams realized by someone who has spent years studying how best to deliver the exact concepts that you have, not the contrary. Without hiring an expert designer, your dreams may not be fully realized, as the knowledge and experience needed to fully deliver what you are looking for often takes a lifetime to acquire. We consider the architecture of your home, the space available, and the best means to deliver the exact idea you have in mind.


Ensuring that your budget is met

Your kitchen is valued at around 10% – 15% of your home’s value. This means that a home valued at $100,000 should feature a kitchen valued at around $15,000. By keeping this in mind, you will realize a sizeable return on your investment if/ when you sell your home. Because of the importance of the budget, we ensure that we set realistic expectations for the budget of your remodel and stick to it. To do this, we carefully plan for your remodel, maintain a broad network of suppliers, and communicate with you in the most effective manner possible. When you work with Ann Arbor Custom Kitchens, we ensure that your kitchen does not cost you more than your return would be upon resale!


3D models that you will love

At Ann Arbor Custom Kitchens, we employ expert designers who render a full 3D design of your kitchen and ensure that you are completely satisfied with the design that we produce for you before we break ground. Our designers expertly work with our clients to ensure that every small detail is exactly as you have in mind. We also provide you with comparative designs, if you so wish, so that you have more than one point of reference from which to draw inspiration.

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