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Kitchen Flooring

small yet clean kitchen room

Every element in a kitchen plays an integral role in both the completed look of your kitchen, as well as the practicality of its use. To receive the perfect kitchen, special consideration should be given to the flooring of your kitchen remodel. No one is better suited to provide you with the best advice than we are. Check out our top tips on choosing your kitchen flooring below or give us a call for more information.


Durability and maintenance 

As we mentioned previously, no room in the home endures as much frequency of use as the kitchen and no surface in the kitchen feels this as much as the flooring. Due to this, the material that your flooring comprises of must be hardwearing and able to withstand the many hurdles it will face. Besides heavy foot traffic volumes, your floor will endure water and liquid spills, hot and cold items, potential stains, and much more. We frequently quality test our suppliers to ensure that every item that we purchase from them meets our high standards of quality and can stand the test of time. While deciding on flooring, you should also consider the maintenance required to keep the material of your choosing in good working order. We can provide you with detailed descriptions of the many materials, including their lifespan and maintenance requirements.


The options available to you

Just like the other areas of your kitchen, flooring boasts a magnificent range of material and design options, all catering to a unique goal. No matter your vision for your kitchen, there is a material available to cater to it! Hardwood, bamboo, concrete (plain or decorative), natural stone, ceramic tile, linoleum, and vinyl are just a few of the many options available to you. At Ann Arbor Custom Kitchens, we can assist you in choosing a flooring that caters to both your design and longevity.


Design at the forefront of decision making

No modern kitchen design is complete without a floor that complements its every aspect. The same can be said for contemporary kitchens or rustic kitchen designs. The floor that you choose to install into your new kitchen will have a huge impact on how the space is enjoyed. Because of this, we ensure that we deliver you flooring that perfectly marries into the design that you opt for and does not stand in conflict with the look you want to achieve. Our team of designers provides you with full 3D renderings of the options available to you so that you can make an informed decision.


Kitchen Layout Ideas

The flow of your kitchen will have a significant impact on the final material and look that you opt for, for your kitchen flooring. The way that anyone who uses your kitchen is transported through the space is heavily impacted by your choice of flooring because the color, direction of the design, and general layout guide you through your kitchen more than you would think. Our designers assist you in choosing the best flooring to fit the space you are creating and make walking through your kitchen feel as though you have been transported to heaven itself.

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