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Kitchen Sinks and Faucets

stainless steel kitchen sink

There is no better way to truly compliment your custom kitchen than to add a beautiful sink, fascinating faucets, and lovely fixtures to it. Our expert team has extensive knowledge in how best to deliver all of these to you and install them in a way that will have you enjoying them for their full lifespan. Our suppliers are held to the highest standards of quality, to ensure that you receive nothing short of the best. Read through the below information and find out why we are the best in custom kitchens!


The environmentally friendly options

Over 99% of the water supply on earth is not suitable for drinking. That means that the clean, drinkable water that we do have should be preserved. One way of doing your part to protect the water that we need for survival is to install environmentally friendly faucets. By installing environmentally conscious faucets, you can reduce the amount of water that you use by over 30%! That is staggering when you consider that the average American home uses over 300 gallons per day. Our consultants can assist you in making the smartest, greenest choice for your home.


The many styles of sinks available

There are sinks to match every kind of kitchen available at Ann Arbor Custom Kitchens. From farmhouse style sinks to stainless steel, no sink is out of the question when you employ our services. Keep in mind that our 3D designers can create renderings of your desired look with multiple options of your sink available, so even if you are undecided, your life is made easier when you work with us! If you would like to make use of our design services, give us a call today!


Kitchen backsplash

The kitchen backsplash has gone through a massive transformation in recent years. Initially, it served a purely functional purpose – to protect the walls in areas where there is a risk of splashing and moisture causing mold or decay. Modern backsplashes make use of all kinds of materials, from stainless steel to tile, and even glass. This gives you even more options for the finished look of your kitchen and can even serve as a focal point. Do not settle for a simply functional backsplash. Allow our team of experts to equip your kitchen with a work of art!


A network of skilled technicians

Sinks and faucets work hand in hand with the plumbing and electrical setup of your home. For this reason, we make use of an extensive network of professionals who specialize in each field when we install either item (or both). By hiring us, you receive expert service from someone who has dedicated their expertise to a particular service and subsequently minimize the risk of breakages or damage later. Each contractor that we work with must work within the guidelines that we set, to ensure that they deliver the same level of service that you expect from Ann Arbor Custom Kitchens. For more information about our network of specialized technicians and our work, give us a call!

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